Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Steampunk. Devices + Contraptions Extraordinaire" was the most popular and highly attended exhibition in the Museum's History!
It has been an honor and thrill to have presented this show at the Museum of the History of Science at the University of Oxford, UK. Please Click on the links below to see the global press editorials and interviews from the exhibition.
Art Donovan, Curator
"Could this be the best museum show ever?" "Steampunk Director's Interview" -BBC
"Steampunk Art Exhibition Revealed" -BBC
"Weirdly and Truly Wonderful"
-The Oxford Times "More Intelligent Life" -The Economist
"Steampunk across the pond" -
Dwell Magazine "First Major Steampunk Show" -
Steampunks Invade Oxford" - Oxford Media "Beyond the Beyond" -WIRED Magazine Museum Reviews- Ingrid Murnane
"World-Beating Steampunk" - TV Interview- Suzy Prior-BBC Web Urbanist!-
The Curated Object- Joanne Molina
Steampunk Home- Sara Brumfield
"Trend Hunter"-
Nimende- China
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Oczko Cafe- Poland
ARTE TV- France The Argosy- Canada
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Nick Page- UK Conecta Historia- Spain
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New Scientist Magazine- UK Ad Quattuor Cardines Mundi-US
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Oxford Mail- UK ODCFAMILY- Japan Nippon Post- Japan Ancient Quest- Dr. Karen Ralls- UK
Business Montress- France 3D News- Russia Southampton Press- US BBC NEWS- UK Kaskus- Indonesia Engadget- Germany Retrospeculation- UK The Oxford Mail- UK Brookes TV- UK Zeitgeist Art- Japan Tieba-Baidu- China BBC Interview- Jamillah Knowles- UK Norwich Humanities- UK
US US "Could Oxford be the World's Coolest City?"- Dscriber
Impact Lab
The London Evening Standard- UK Powerhouse Museum- Australia BazzFazz- UK- US City Local- Oxford- DesigninTell- "Hot and Steamy"- Meghan Edwards UKThe New Age of Steam- The Independent-UK


  1. The exhibition was perfect! Absolutely inspired curation and what a venue! Thank you so much for organising it, I had a fantastic time and will definitely be going back a couple of times before it closes.
    I've been posting about it on my blog too:

  2. Thank you, Kruse, for your generous and kind remarks. On behalf of the artists, I believe that I can say that your comments ring in our hearts.

    We're so very happy to hear that you'll be going back to see the show.

    Best Regards, Art Donovan

  3. This is such a wonderful thing you have done for Steampunk Artisans everywhere, Art. You have single-handedly validated this artform in a such a dignified way that we could have only dreamed about.

    Thank you!

    ~Doctor Grymm

  4. I was in Oxford on a day of sight seeing and happened to walk past the sign on the outside gate. I LOVED the exhibit. Steampunk is something I've followed casually online for a while but haven't invested much effort in. It was very cool to see some pieces in person. The museum's "real world" additions to the collection (pieces such as Charles Babbage's Difference Engine) really added some contrast to the show. Thanks for putting it together!

  5. How wonderful. I'm an aspiring (can we say "emerging?") Steampunk novelist in the town of Southampton searching desperately for the right literary agent. I just saw your article in the paper and I'm glad to see Steampunk gaining ground the way it has recently. Few people know how far back this style goes, in art, literature and subcultures.

    I'm in hopes that such exposure to this culture will help novelists like myself in the future. :)

    Thanks for shining a light on this intricate and elegant form!

  6. Hi there! I wondered if the exhibition will be touring In Manchester UK? Or anywhere else in the UK? Im sad to know Ive missed the chance to see this!

  7. a holyland of non-Fashionable human inventions! Who knew?